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Legends at war


Legends aren’t born. They are made. Rise up from meek, medieval beginnings to create the biggest empire this world has ever seen. Terraform the harsh landscape into fortified strongholds that will stand for generations. Join the free-to-play Legends at War to begin penning your own legend!

endless expansion

manifest destiny

– Claim coveted lands across the continent.
– Train armies and hire heroes.
– Mine and manage your city’s resources.
– Use resources to upgrade your buildings and armies.
– Capture enemy locations to expand your territory, income, and might!

A new world order

Conquer your enemies

Where there is glory there must also be conflict. Experience our enhanced combat mechanics as you battle your enemies. Build and equip armies, train heroes, and strategize with allies. Raid enemy camps or keep armies at home to protect your spoils. Engage in awesome, real-time battles of up to 100 participants to claim what is yours!

One word – EPIC!! I cannot get enough of this game.

John S.

Sabre Games


Exclusive Hero NFT Launch

Unlock the power of your NFTs! Purchase exclusive hero NFTs to power up your armies and defend your lands. Witness the first ever real life NFT gaming cross-platform application!

more ways to unlock features // Coming soon

NFT 2.0 Collectibles

Highly Engaging

Legends at War is tough to put down. Gamers have been seen playing for hours and hours without ever getting bored!